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About Trevor

Trevor Bond was born in South London in the year of Klaus Barbie’s arrest and the 25th anniversary of Motown. He developed a love of classic rock courtesy of his Dad’s vinyl collection and went on to play guitar in a succession of bands of varying mediocrity during his time at school and college, and later whilst studying at university in Wales. Eventually he had to admit that he was never going to be the next Jimmy Page, and settled into life as an Intensive Care nurse. He moved to Potters Bar in 2017, and now lives ‘down the road to Cockfosters and over a bit’ in New Barnet.

Outside of radio presenting, having joined the Potters Bar Radio team at the start of lockdown, Trevor’s interests include literature, being disappointed by West Ham United, and history, and he runs a London-based historical walking tours company.

Trevor’s upcoming shows

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