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Richard Curry

About Richard

Richard lives in Potters Bar with his wife and two young children. He has a large, eclectic taste in music that ranges from pop to rock, classical to indie, 60s to 90s and the music from the first half of the twentieth century.

He says: “No one ever forgets the first time they heard the sweet sound of Louie Armstrong or the melodic tones of Billie Holiday. Some of the best musicians ever born had their heyday in the vintage eras of the Roaring 20s, the Dirty 30s and the Wartime Big Band sounds of the 1940s – which also became a ‘golden age’ for Hollywood. Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and Judy Garland (to name but a few) were all at the top of their game – not to mention the charts! I really do consider this to be a vintage era for music and one that I am delighted to be able to present…

“I work in primary education – which I have always been very passionate about. I believe it is more of a vocation than a job, in which young lives are moulded and shaped into the citizens of the future who are ready to tackle the challenges that this 21st Century world poses. I have worked in schools for over 20 years now and, although it may sound like a cliché, every day is different, which is what I love about the job. Every day may be different, but I must say that I still enjoy around 99.9% of them! Of course, like any job, it does not come without its challenges!

“I am a keen traveller and have toured both Europe and South East Asia in my younger years, which culminated in me living in Japan for a year – perhaps the best year of my life! I love experiencing new cultures and new ways of life and if I could be the next Michael Palin, travelling and touring every corner of the globe, uncovering various little cultural gems, I would jump at the chance!”

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