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Here are the ways you can tune in to listen to Potters Bar Radio:

This website

Pretty obviously, you can use the homepage of this website to play either station.

Internet Radio (via Airable)

You can find both stations on digital radios that use the Airable service to play internet radio (like the Roberts radio range). There are many internet radio stations available, so finding us in advance is advisable.

Internet Radio (via vTuner)

If your device supports this it’s best to refer to your device’s manual for detailed instructions, etc. You can also obtain some information from their website –

Amazon Alexa

You can listen to PBR1 through your Alexa device. Log in to your Amazon account and search for the “Potters Bar Radio” skill. Enable it for free, and then ask Alexa or  FireStick to “Play Potters Bar Radio”. You can also use the Alexa App on smartphones and tables.

Having Trouble?

Our experience is that Internet Radio is the most stable, however it can be prone to electrical disturbance when severe storms are around. Alexa devices are very stable too.

Strangely, using phones and tablets on domestic WiFi can be a bit problematic. Mobile data is usually pretty reliable, but otherwise favour a laptop or computer with a direct connection to your router.

We are aware that work computers may prevent access to our site because of security policies.

Happy Listening